Monday, May 3, 2010

Bolens tractors

One of my preferences in old iron is Bolens tractors,Bolens is one of the oldest manufacturers of tractors.In the 1920s Bolens started building 2 wheel,walk behind tractors that were built to replace the horse on smaller farms,especially vegetable farms where cultivating was done on a regular basis.After WWII they were bought out by the Food Machinery Corp,FMC and they started building ride on tractors.They were pretty crude compared to some of the bigger tractors being built by Case,IH and John Deere at the time but they were a cheaper alternative for people that only farmed a few acres and didn't want to do it with horses.My oldest operating Bolens at present is a 1964 Husky 900,I use it mostly in the winter to move snow,it's never given me a problem starting,even when the temperatures are zero or below.It's moved more snow than just about any other vehicle that I own and compared to machines built in the past 30years or so,it's simple to work on.I also have a model 12A walk behind from about 1945 with a Clinton engine on it,I've had the engine running but I still need a few parts for the drive on the tractor itself.

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