Monday, May 3, 2010

more Bolens tractors,Bolens 1256

In the late 1960s Wisconsin and Tecumseh started using SSI ignitions and,I believe that it led to the early demise of a lot of old garden tractors.They only used the SSI for a couple of years and they weren't supported by the manufacturers for very many years so once the SSI ignitions started going bad they were obsolete and some of the engines weren't built so that you could go back to an earlier ignition system.A couple people have found work arounds for the Tecumseh and Wisconsin SSI and they can be found pretty easy on the internet but they really aren't easy or cheap so it doesn't make sense to use them on every old GT.In the case of the Bolens 1256,there is a replacement ignition called the HET that replaces the factory stator and upgrades it with a newer style ignition that uses an automotive type coil.If you have an older 1256 that's still working ok be careful if you ever have ignition problems,the problem with the ignitions on those tractors,as well as any other Wisconsin engine that used the SSI,was that the ignition was somewhat backwards compared to most other ignition systems,people see the automotive coil and figure they can hotwire the ignition and it ends up burning up either the stator or module,the modules can also be destroyed by stray battery voltage through the ignition switch.The 1256 tractor is a tractor worth fixing because of the hydrostatic drive and the hydraulics that are used to lift attachments but the HET ignitions are almost $150.00 so unless you can get a pretty good deal on the tractor,if the SSI is bad,it will set you back a few bucks before you ever start with anything else that the tractor might need fixed.

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