Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mom and Dad were race fans for as long as I can remember,many a Saturday night was spent at a race track ,Evergreen,Dorney Park,Reading,Selingsgrove,Nazareth including the big track,I saw one of the last races run at Langhorne and one of the first Race of Champions races at Pocono on the 3/4 mile oval,my brother and I went to one of the last races held at Reading before they turned it into a shopping mall.I'm happy to say that I got a chance to see most of the finest racers that PA had to offer on both dirt and asphalt.It's been a few years since I've spent that much time at a track,I still enjoy listening to them on the internet occasionally and once in a while watching a race on tv or the internet.Oh I watch Nascar some but dirt is where my heart is and always has been.The last few races that I have attended were World of Outlaw late model races or Dirt modified races and they had a pretty good turnout but I don't think the tracks are doing as well today as they were 30 years or so ago and that's a shame,racing is one of the few sports where drivers only get paid if they perform well,at least until you reach the top tier of the sport.I've made a lot of friend through racing over the years and it's always good to see the ones that I remember as kids racing go karts that are still racing today,if you have a track around you,check it out sometime,you might find some friends there.

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