Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wash day in the early 1900s

In the early days of gas engines,people were finding all sorts of uses for gas engines,most of the engines were stand alone stationery engines that were used to power mills and such but it wasn't long before somebody decided hat they would make washday chores easier,the earliest washers were wood tub washers and used an engine that sat on the ground beside the machine.

With the music playing it's hard to hear the engine running but you get the idea,in the background of that video about halfway through you could also see another common chore for gas engines and that was turning a butter churn.

As the years went by and by about the middle to late teens Maytag came along with an engine that fit under the machine like this one.

That machine is mine,I have another older one that I'm looking for a decent correct engine for.I want to get a meat grinder attachment and a butter churn for it to display at shows,yes by the late 1920 or early 1930s your washing machine could grind meat,churn butter and even generate electricity.

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